Putting it together


While we are more than willing to provide services in any single one of the disciplines mentioned in these pages, we feel there are exciting opportunities when they are combined.  For example:

Performance measures and risk management

These can be considered as two sides of the one coin.  Putting it crudely, performance measures indicate what to aim for, risks indicate what to avoid.  Taking the two together can give a rich picture of organisational direction.  Joint consideration can also remove duplication (e.g. 'risks' of failing to achieve a target; and 'performance measures' of minimising risk.

Performance measures and operations research

Following collection, analysis and reporting of performance measures an organisation may discover that performance is not moving strongly enough in the right direction.  Why?  Perhaps we need to build an operations research model that could indicate the corrective action to take.

Audit and evaluation

Audit can help to determine whether there are adequate controls and processes, and evaluation can help determine whether these controls and processes are leading to effective results. Together, they can give an insight into cause and effect.

Indeed, almost any combination of the disciplines mentioned would give deeper insight to clients than when considered alone.