Performance Measurement

As a service that provides for better communication with and outside of an organisation, performance measurement and reporting needs to be closely aligned with management activities. Before performance measures can be defined, it is necessary to understand the objectives and way of working of the organisation.  Specifically, it is good practice to link externally reported performance measures with those used internally, and to link the whole to strategic and business plans and ideally the organisation's overall aim.

Past services

Previous clients include

  • Department of the Environment
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • ACT Auditor-General's Office
  • Australian National Audit Office

A 2010 performance audit has explored this topic for ACT government organisations. The report is here

The ANAO has also published two significant audit reports on key performance measures recently:

  • Pilot Project to Audit Key Performance Indicators, Report 21 of 2013-14
  • The Australian Government Performance Measurement and Reporting Framework - Pilot Project to Audit Key Performance Indicators, Report 28 of 2012-13

A series of workshops was presented through the Australasian Evaluation Society on performance measures in 2011 (See 'News' tab for more details).

Dimensions of performance measures

Developing effective and useful performance measures is complex.  Some of the dimensions that need to be considered are indicated by the following table.


 Short to long.  As short as daily, as long as decades.  More commonly monthly – annually


 Accountability, performance improvement


 Definition, collection, reporting, action


 Input, output, outcome, timescale, quantity, quality

Organisational elements: 

 Senior management; line management; governance and coordination