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Numerical Advantage is a public sector-focused advisory firm, dedicated to the proposition that the integration of risk, audit, governance and mathematics can be used in conjunction to deliver improved outcomes.

Numerical Advantage offers the following points of difference:

  • An emphasis on quantification. We endeavour to not just recommend something because it is 'good practice' but to quantify the costs and benefits of a revised way¬† of working
  • An integrated approach to management advice. With experience across risk management, internal and external audit, performance measurement, evaluation and operations research, we can examine each problem inventively and from different perspectives. In particular, the systems approach to understanding issues is favored.

We are a small firm, adopting the philosophy of:

  • Focus on decisions - we want to make a difference. The nature of the decision(s) that will be influenced by our work is critical in designing the approach
  • Dare to be different. Our focus on measuring and optimizing is a new and challenging approach
  • Have fun. Life is too short to work on boring projects. And if we are having fun, our philosophy is that you will receive a better product.

Commencing in 2010 with a focus on audit and evaluation, work extended to cover presentation of workshops on performance measurement over 2011. The aim for 2014 is to offer more services through this website and expand into each of the areas described in this web site.

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Graham Smith


February 2015