About Numerical Advantage

Numerical Advantage is a Canberra-based public sector-focused advisory firm with the following points of difference:

  • An emphasis on quantification.

    We seek to use the power of numbers to find good solutions and to quantify the costs and benefits of a revised way of working.

  • An integrated approach.

    With experience across risk management, internal and external audit, performance measurement, evaluation and operations research, we can examine issues from different perspectives and adopt an integrated systems approach.

    Commencing in 2010 with a focus on audit and evaluation, work extended to cover performance measurement from 2011.


Audit is one of the many advisory services to the senior management of an organisation.


Performance Measurement

As a service that provides for better communication with and outside of an organisation, performance measurement and reporting needs to be closely aligned with management activities.



There is a multitude of approaches to evaluation, some of which are referred to in the Links page.


Operations Research

Operations research (OR) is less familiar to most clients than our other offerings. In brief, it refers to analysis of the operations of an organisation (in its origin, these were military operations in WWII).



Numerical Advantage follows the standard ISO 31000 (the replacement for AS/NZS 4360).


Putting it together

While we are more than willing to provide services in any single one of the disciplines mentioned in these pages, we feel there are exciting opportunities when they are combined.